Freelance Baby Steps

By on February 21, 2017

As you know if you’re a repeat reader of Changing Our Default, I’m a former teacher building a new part-time freelance career. It’s by no means an easy endeavor, but I’m having a ton of fun with the process.  

Ah, my idealistic high-school senior scholarship essay! Note the emphasis on writing… I loved it then and now?


I wrote every day in January (a minimum of 500 words daily), which helped get me more momentum for the blog and my freelance goals. February has been trickier; I know I’ve skipped a few days of writing due to lack of motivation and plain old fatigue.  

I joined a Facebook group called Earn More Writing, led by Holly Porter Johnson. Besides teaching how to make money writing on a freelance basis, she often shares job leads with the group. Finding work is probably the toughest aspect of freelancing, for me, so I appreciate the leads to no end! That’s given me several potential blogs to write for, and I’ve just submitted my first staff writing piece for one of these, a personal finance blog! (This will be my first PAID blogging gig. Score one for Mrs. COD!)

Another win so far in 2017 was the youth devotional magazine that chose four of my meditations for publication in their last round of submissions. These are also paid, so I have now officially earned my first $100 of the new year! Boy, I better watch out come tax time next spring, haha?. 


Of course, it is not easy fitting in a freelance business in addition to a full-time parenting job. I actually feel as if I had more time available to work on my writing passion when I was still teaching. I could sit at my desk over lunchtime or stay after school, writing or pitching clients. Of course I rarely did so when I had the opportunity. Being out of a paying job has had this strange effect on me, lighting a fire under me to MAKE THIS WRITING LIFE HAPPEN. If I could build this freelance business over the next two years into something substantial… man, that’d be amazing!

Carving out time to write can be a tall order…

At home, Junior and Mini COD are much more demanding bosses than my principal or students ever were, requiring my utmost attention ALL. DAY. LONG. I don’t even get bathroom breaks now. They follow me everywhere.
Some days it is all I can do to keep the kids fed and busy all day, so I flop into bed the moment they’re finally asleep. They don’t really nap, so there goes the brilliant idea of writing while they catch a snooze. Working from my phone or tablet is OK at times, but the boys are little screen gremlins who can sense whenever I have YouTube at my fingertips and will steal my device. The phone is super handy, though; I often tap out first thoughts and drafts on it so I don’t forget ideas. I allow myself some slack once or twice a week by giving them my iPad, so I can work in relative peace for an hour or so. 

Obviously, the bulk of my freelance writing and researching of jobs (and blogging) must take place at night after the boys are asleep. Some nights it takes two hours for Mr. COD and I to get them both to give it up for the day, so we are pretty wiped out afterwards. 

It’s tough, but pushing myself is essential in this game. I have to write during that quiet evening time nearly every day IF I want to accomplish anything. Mr. COD has been busy with job applications lately, so he doesn’t mind keeping it quiet and peaceful. (Who am I kidding? Any parent of toddlers is thrilled to get a whole hour of peace and quiet!) 

Some nights I find myself staying up scandalously late (we’re talking 11:30, midnight here) since that’s the only way to get my thoughts flowing and polished. Mr. COD is out long before me, so I can fully concentrate on my work. I cannot expect to make any decent strides in my writing career without sacrificing some other things, namely, sleep! 


While writing is my primary focus, I’m also exploring a few other areas in freelancing. Proofreading is of interest. I met with a friend who is a romance writer to discuss some of the tasks she and her author friends need done. They’ve used beta readers to check up on the story and plotlines, another editor to create a character Bible listing all pertinent traits and connections within their books, plus copy editors and proofreaders. 

Since I enjoy editing and proofreading but have no professional experience, I’m going to offer my services to these friends for free in exchange for the experience and (I hope) positive feedback. If that practice and networking help get me in the door, that’ll be another fun side hustle to pursue!


Giving up sleep, putting in tons of hours that might lead nowhere, slogging it out writing for free or for pennies a word. Why would all of this appeal so much to me? 

Because I LOVE IT. I do. I absolutely love writing. I love the work and the stress of the blank page and the hours of solitude. Writing is what fills my soul. It’s what I’ve always wanted to do. When I’m exhausted from arguing with a three-year-old (hint: grown-ups can’t win those debates) or cooking or tripping over dinosaur toys, I still long to get to my writing. It’s my craft, it’s my passion, it’s me. 

Stay tuned for further updates on my freelancing escapades! If you’re a side-hustler, what’s your field and how’s it going? Let’s cheer each other on in the comments!

Let The Freelance Journey Begin!

By on January 4, 2017

I’ve been away from my teaching job now for one summer and one semester! The fresh new year is cause for contemplation, so I’m thinking about regrets, joys, mistakes and successes. It’s been an interesting time so far, this sabbatical of sorts to be with my kiddos. Junior and Mini COD are our greatest blessings in this life. Sweet, exhausting, fun, frustrating…  (more…)