Hike to Anglin Falls

By on January 15, 2018

Thanks to the unseasonably warm weather, the COD crew got to explore a new (to us) hiking trail last week! This one may be our favorite in our new Kentucky region, due to its length and difficulty level being just about ideal for Junior and Mini COD. Check out a few pics from our adventure here!

Junior COD ready to tackle the trail in shorts. In January.


Feelin’ small…

Partially frozen streams

The COD boys…a handsome bunch!

Anglin Falls–can’t wait to see it in every season! The sheet of ice on the left side fell a few minutes after we had turned back. We heard the crack, turned around, and saw that section was missing. Bummer that we didn’t get to see it a bit closer!

Mini COD attempting to ascend a rather large boulder, while Junior COD explains why he can climb wherever he wants. 

A lake nearby; since the munchkins fell asleep in the car afterward, we drove around a bit.

What a great afternoon to enjoy sixty-degree weather with exercise and fresh air! I realize that much of the country has had similarly warm temps lately, but part of the reason we moved here was to enjoy more of the outdoors. So far that has been awesome. (Two days later, it was snowing and back in the teens. Oh well!)

Anglin Falls is just about a half-hour drive from us. Although parts of the drive are a bit remote and the final turn to the parking “lot” looks an awful lot like somebody’s driveway (creepy!), it’s a great spot. The trail is about one mile from the start to the base of the falls, which is a perfect distance for our little family. The boys did the entire hike themselves, even on the rocky and muddy terrain. We only needed to lift them over a few slick spots. They loved it! 

The other super-awesome part of our excursion: seeing a gigantic tree fall. This would have been really crappy had we been in the path of the tree, but fortunately, it did not reach our trail. We had been hearing cracking noises for several minutes and assumed it must have been more ice in the stream breaking. But then we heard this amazing crashing sound and turned back in time to view the tree descending to the ground. It was SO COOL! 

How have you all been enjoying (or surviving) your January so far?